I work with Dr. Maarten Bos, who is leading the behavioral science unit at Disney Research Pittsburgh. I advise on analyses of the relationship between large-scale behavioral data gathered in the Disney parks and psychological variables such as satisfaction and personality.


Together with the international PR company Grayling and their client HiltonHHonors we conducted a series of personality-targeted campaigns on Facebook that resulted in significantly higher returns and user engagement. We won a bronze Travelling Marketing Award in the category “most innovative marketing” for our holiday match maker app “What kind of traveler are you?” (link: The app uses personality predictions from Facebook Likes to give users feedback on their traveler personality and then suggest locations that speak to this profile.


Together with the Edelman team we surveyed more than 18,000 people from around the world about their attitudes towards the usage of predictive technologies in various domains such as health care or marketing. The findings were presented and discussed at the Data for Good breakfast event in London.

In collaboration with Barclays we investigated the psychology of entrepreneurs and identified drivers and barriers of business creation in the US, the UK, Singapore and Germany (find report here).

perpetual fostering

Perpetual Fostering is an independent fostering agency in the UK that supports couples on their journey of becoming a foster parent. The goal of my consulting engagement was to make their website more user-friendly and engaging and get more people to establish initial contact with Perpetual Fostering through their online application form. In order to achieve this goal we first defined the psychological profile of successful foster carers by surveying their existing customer base. In a second step, we tailored the content and design of their website to the specific needs and motivations of this psychological profile.

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