Sandra Matz is interested in the role of psychological characteristics in a number of business-related domains (e.g. marketing or management). More specifically, her research combines traditional experimental methods with Big Data analytics to study how psychological characteristics influence real-life outcomes such as financial well-being, consumer satisfaction or team performance,  and how such insights can be used to help businesses and individuals make better decisions.

In July 2017, Sandra Matz completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge Psychology Department (Thesis title: Psychological Fit in Customer-Centric Marketing), and started as an Assistant Professor in the Management Division at the Columbia Business School in New York City.

Before coming to Cambridge as a PhD candidate, Sandra Matz studied Psychology at the Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg (Germany), focusing on leadership development and successful communication in project teams. She developed my passion for the combination of personality research and Big Data during an exchange year at the University of Cambridge in 2011/12, in which she started collaborating with Dr. Michal Kosinski.

ADC DiX Festival 2017Besides her academic, Sandra Matz consults and delivers talks for companies on the topic of personalized digital marketing, persuasion, and recruiting.  She has worked with a number of national and international companies such as Edelman (with customer: Barclays), Grayling (with customer: HiltonHHonors), and Hatch. The goal of these collaborations is to make scientific insights available to companies and to further advance our understanding of personalized digital communication and innovative recruiting by testing cutting-edge technologies in real-world settings.

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